Fellowes Lotus VE Sit/Stand FAQ's

Q: Is there assembly required for the Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation?

A: No, the workstation comes fully assembled out of the box. All you’ll need to do is set up your equipment using the cable management features and set the tension. Watch our Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation Feature Video for more details

Q: How much weight can the Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation hold?

A: It can hold up to 15.8kg total; 13.6kg on the top platform and 2.2kg on the keyboard platform. We would not recommend using the product with less than 4.5kgs. You can adjust the tension with our Smooth Lift Technology™ (patent pending) to offset the weight of your equipment and accessories (between 4.5 – 15.8kg).

Q: Can you fit two monitors on the top surface of the Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation?

A: Monitors may have slightly different sized bases and frames, but if you are using a modern monitor from one of the large manufacturers, you should be able to fit two monitors side by side up to 610mm (24”).

Q: Does the Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation need to be fastened to the desk?

A: No, the Lotus™ was designed as a stand-alone Sit-Stand that can sit on top of the desk and has been BIFMA tested to ensure stability. The workstation should be placed on a flat surface that can accommodate the entire width and depth of the product without overhang.

Q: I’m concerned the Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation might damage my desk.

A: The Lotus™ has rubber feet that help protect the desk from scratching the surface of your desk.

Q: What’s the minimum size of desk required to successfully install the Lotus™ SitStand Workstation?

A: The Lotus™ should be placed on a sturdy, flat surface at least 667mm deep and 858mm wide to have sufficient space for the product.

Q: How stable is the keyboard platform on the Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation when typing?

A: Under normal use, the platform is stable. If you want to maximize the durability of the product, please do not lean or apply excessive force to the keyboard platform.

Q: I can’t understand how to adjust the Smooth Lift Technology™ (patent pending) on my Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation, can you explain it to me?

A: Ensure your workstation is raised to the highest position and all of your items are placed on it. Turn the knob clockwise (toward the + sign) for heavier weights and counter clockwise (towards the – sign) for lighter weights. Lotus™ is shipped at the lowest setting which is 4.5kg to get to the highest setting 15.8kg is 27 full rotations. For example, if you have two monitors that weigh 4.5kgs each and a keyboard and mouse that combined weigh 1.4kgs, you would turn the knob clockwise approximately 14 full rotations. The exact number of rotations depends on your personal comfort raising and lowering the platform. This is just a guideline.

Q: I did not line up my Velcro properly on my Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation the first time and now it’s not usable. Can I have more sent to me? Is there a product you would recommend to replace?

A: These are meant for single use as specified in the manual. We have spare parts for purchase that we can supply. Additionally you could also go to your local hardware store and purchase adhesive Velcro discs (3.5mm).

Q: How does the cable funnel attach to the Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation?

A: There are three locations in the rear cable channel that you can choose from. Find the slot that will best accommodate your setup and place the cable funnel into the slot. You will feel it magnetically attach to the Lotus™. The cable funnel should now be in place.

Q: How can I apply the cable zip using the cable zip tool provided with my Lotus™ SitStand Workstation?

A: First you will need to clamp the cable zip tool around all cables below the cable funnel (make sure the arrow on the cable zip tool is pointing upward). Next, take the cable zip and push upward into the tool so that the cable zip beings wrapping around the tool. Make sure the seam of the cable is facing the tool. Once it’s started, pull downward on the cable zip tool while holding the top of the cable zip. Continue sliding the tool until all cables are in the cable zip. Please refer to step 3 in the instruction manual.

Q: How long should the power cables be to work with the Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation?

A: Most cable lengths are an average of 2m, which should be sufficient for working when standing however it would be important to consider where the power sockets are located. The Lotus™ Sit-Stand™ Workstation raises 432mm above the desk. Ensure the Lotus™ is in the highest position when putting items on to ensure proper cable length.