Standing Desks are Good For Your Health

Lately standing desks have become quite trendy. Sales of standing desks have been growing steadily over the past ten years, and rapidly for the past two. This is because standing desks help cut into your sitting time throughout the day, thus improving not only overall health but your work performance too.

People who use desks that can be adjusted for sitting or standing report significant reductions in the amount of time sitting, better health, and overall work performance. The ability to stay better focused for longer periods has also been noted.

Using a sit to stand desk takes some getting used to. But once you have started to get the feel of when to sit and when to stand throughout your day, your body will thank you as the health benefits are numerous.

Sitting more than eight hours per day has been linked to a heightened risk of not only cardiovascular disease, but early death as well. Type 2 diabetes risk is also increased the longer you sit each day. It's good to take a break from sitting now and then throughout the day. But when there's work to be done it's tough to go take a lap around the block. Standing while working is an excellenct alternative.

 People who use sit to stand desk have found they are more engaged while working and actually better at the task at hand than people who choose to stay seated. Also less work related fatigue, less daily anxiety and higher overall quality of life. Back issues tend to be reduced over time after using a sit to stand desk.

Sit to stand desks, which can be adjusted from sitting to standing then back to sitting, are a better option than either a sitting or standing only desk. While too much sedentary time (sitting) is definitely a bad thing, standing for too long has it's own issues. Back pain, foot pain, and aching joints are at the top of the list. That's not what we want. We want to be able to sit or stand as we please. This is key.

As more evidence continues to pour out in favor regarding standing desks, we here at Third-Street will stay on top of the latest information and bring it to you as soon as we hear about it. We are continuously striving to bring you the best products on the market for your comfort, your health, and your life. Check out our latest sit to stand products here --- Standing Desks






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