Picking the Perfect Chair For Your Home Office

Picking the best chair for your home office is an investment in your health and productivity. Not only that, you also need to find one that fits the look and feel of your home decor. So here are a few tips on finding just the right ergonomic chair for you.

First, the chair should have a good full back. Essential for comfort and reduced back pain, a full back is a necessity for long hours of sitting. Along with the high back the chair should also have many adjustable settings, including height, lumbar support, and settings to recline.

The seat. The best office chairs have waterfall seats. In other words a waterfall seat is one in which the seat pan curves down and prevents the seat from catching you behind the knees. The seat pan should also be well contoured allowing even weight distribution. It should also be comfortable to sit on. The edge of the seat pan itself should be soft so as not to cause compression in the thighs and glutes. The rear of the seat pan needs to be comfortable while still being supportive.

Overall fit is key. A cheap office chair can actually cause more harm than good. If the angles of your hips, knees, and ankles aren't comfortably at ninety degrees, you will end up with joint pain and be able to spend less time being productive. 

Make sure to buy a chair with a good quality seat covering. Leather and breathable fabric are best. Your office chair must be comfortable to the touch if you're going to be sitting in it all day. Nothing abrasive, itchy, or a product that will cause your body to overheat will be enjoyable to sit in. Comfortable and durable is what you should be looking for. Leather is good. Breathable fabric is good.

Make sure the chair is adjustable. The more adjustments you can make the better it will be for your overall comfort. The seat must be able to adjust up and down, and great if it can tilt side to side. Very necessary when trying to achieve proper posture while sitting all day. Adjustments should be easy and not require any tools. The easier the better. Simple levers should be enough to adjust your chair.

If the seat pan is too large or two high you may not be able to take advantage of the back support. This is a problem because by not using the back rest it can put undo strain on your lower back and cause problems over time. Lower back pain in the U.S. costs a staggering one-hundred-billion dollars per year in medical bills, lost wages, and decreased productivity. You can avoid these problems by getting a good fitting chair.

Make sure you don't need to shrug your shoulders to get your elbows on the armrests. This can cause pains in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Ultimately a chair with adjustable armrests is best.

So how do you know it's time for a new chair?

Listen to your body. If you are in pain your body is telling you it is time to replace that old chair. An office chair should be replaced every few years as that is about howl long it takes for one to wear out. Not replacing a chair when it is time can lead to many issues including joint pain, numbness, and tingling in affected parts.

If your chair looks worn out, it probably is. Chair looking like it's seen better days? Remember your chairs posture will directly impact your own. Tears in the seat covering or bumps in the padding can make a dramatic difference in your posture, for the worse. So beware of any physical damage or anything that affects your posture.

If your current office chairs backrest provides poor lumbar support, or worse lacks a backrest at all, then it's time to find a replacement. When there is no lumbar support and your back is bent forward, the muscles of your back will force the lumbar region out of its natural curve and place undue stress on the discs. Not only that, but there will also be decreased blood flow to the spinal tissue. Leading to muscle fatigue, soreness, stressed discs, and possibly pinched nerves.

If your office chair isn't helping it's probably hurting, so time for a new chair.

Furnishing your home office with the best chair you can afford is the most effective way to counter any problems. Don't risk your health and well being with a defective or poorly designed chair. Find the best office chair for you by clicking the link below.

Best Office Chairs


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